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  • How are traffic signs manufactured?

    As human beings, we need rules to live together in a set order. When it comes to traffic, it can not be less. That is why we have traffic signs. It aims to inform clearly what we should or not do on the road always under rules. To do this, traffic signs must have four […]

  • Be careful with flu medication: They affect your ability to drive!

    We fear them as we are sometimes forced to deal with them. It’s about colds. They are usually with us in these cold days even though we do not want their ‘company’. To relieve their symptoms, we must take flu vaccines but we should be careful because these could affect us when driving a car. […]

  • How to gain visibility when driving with rain

    After the summer, autumn  arrives and the rain comes along with it. Therefore, precautions on the road must be increased as driving with rain diminishes visibility, makes your car tyre lose contact with the road surface and braking distance is even bigger. All this could cause the dreaded aquaplaning, which is one of the main […]

  • How we should take action after a traffic accident

    We do not like them, but car accidents unfortunately occur and we should be prepared to help those who need us when we are involved in it. According to Dirección General de Tráfico -the Transportation Department in Spain-, there are three main key performs: protection, report and aid. Protection: In case of a roadside accident, […]

  • The three most common driving and how to correct it

    Sometimes we think we’re alone on the road but it really is not. Perhaps because of this, in some cases we make mistakes in the worst cases can cause an accident. To try to raise awareness, in this article we will talk about them and how to fix them. Position on the road According to […]

  • Traffic forecasts for first of May

    The 1st of May Labor Day is here. And some more, some less, already our plans have a trip (shorter or longer) to disconnect from the routine of everyday life and make a visit to his closest family or just to vent our hobbies. Knowing this, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has issued a […]

  • Road Safety: How to be a good role model for your children

    We do not always have this in mind. Our children take us as main reference to determine what is right and what is wrong in most situations of our daily routine. One such aspect that they copy is our behavior in road safety. That is, they are fixed on us about how to sit in […]

  • Steps to recover the points driving license

    They say that everyone deserves a second chance, even on the road. Therefore, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) poses different solutions to recover the points driving license. The first thing to be clear is if we have lost only a few points of the card or in full. Depending on the case, the DGT has several solutions. […]

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