The three most common driving and how to correct it

Sometimes we think we’re alone on the road but it really is not. Perhaps because of this, in some cases we make mistakes in the worst cases can cause an accident. To try to raise awareness, in this article we will talk about them and how to fix them.

Position on the road

According to the National Confederation of Driving (NCEA), the most common mistake is to be in the middle lane, with the wrong idea, that is allowed. Circumstance that is illegal and, of course, punishable, as it hampers the movement and forces other drivers to make unnecessary lateral movement, with the danger that such maneuvers entail.

When driving on roads outside of town with three or more lanes, drivers must use the right lane, may move for the rest when road conditions warrant it, or when you need to overtake another vehicle.

Joining the road

The most common mistake is to think that, by turning on the light, it has some kind of priority for incorporation, and thus to make the lateral displacement once it is flowing, and not true, the indicator only informs the intention to perform the maneuver.

Now the rest of the vehicles are obliged to facilitate incorporation into the extent possible, facilitate the understanding that no means give way. When a vehicle is incorporated into the circulation, it will giving way to other vehicles, taking into account the position, course and speed of these.

Your driver maneuver always warn other users of the road, using preferably -intermitentes- direction indicators or the arm.

Circulation at roundabouts

In roundabouts there are no predetermined paths and is not permissible under any circumstances, cut out from within the path of the vehicle in the outside lane.

The most common mistake is to think that, depending on which output is to be taken, there are paths established for this. The roundabout is a one-way street that has the outputs on the right lane

Well, the standard to be applied is the same. The same roundabout will present several possible paths depending on the existing traffic, traffic density, etc., but always have to be in the right lane to take an exit, except that the roundabout is designed to get out from other lanes, for which it must be properly marked with appropriate road markings

Did you become clear what to do in each case? 😉


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