How to perform a turning manoeuvre properly at an intersection

We often face it when we are driving in the city, but also on the road. The turning manoeuver begins when we decided to join another road. If we do it on the road, the risk factor number one is speed. But in town, the main risk is the multitude of cars and the great number of information in very little space.

But what precautions should we take at an intersection when performing a turning manoeuver?

  • Observing around you: Before turning a direction, it is very important to observe a lot around you and from far away.
  • Adapting speed to the situation and signalizing
  • Being correctly positioned on the road: if we turn right, we should stick to the right edge of the roadway. If we otherwise turn left, we should drive on the left edge, trying not to invade the opposite direction.
  • The correct position of the vehicle is essential to execute the maneuver safely at the shortest possible time.
  • When turning, you must always do it at right angles.
  • We should increase caution and give away to all pedestrians and cyclists who are crossing, whether or not there are marked steps.

Would you be able to perform a turning manoeuvre properly at an intersection from now on? Remember that driving is not about your own life. It is important to pay attention to other drivers on the road. We hope these tips are useful for you. 😉


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