How are traffic signs manufactured?

As human beings, we need rules to live together in a set order. When it comes to traffic, it can not be less. That is why we have traffic signs. It aims to inform clearly what we should or not do on the road always under rules.

To do this, traffic signs must have four basic requirements: being visible, being legible to the speed at which it is allowed to drive on the road, being understandable and being believable.

At his point, have you ever wondered how it is the manufacturing process of a road sign?

At present, the manufacturing process of traffic signs is divided into five stages: machining, painting, preparation, implementation and anchoring.

  • Metal working: First, the dimensions are given to the base metal and then it is shaped.
  • Clean and paint: Then, the metal is cleaned and it needs to be trimmed out of fat and dirty. After that, a first coat of paint is given to it.
  • Text and drawings: In parallel, icons, texts and messages that will appear on the sign are being designed and prepared.
  • Overlay and store: Later, The sheet, the base metal, the drawings, the icons and the messages are joined. Then, traffic signs already created are stored 48 hours under fixed temperature so that they “get used” to the open.
  • On the way: the specialist in charge will install the traffic signs at points where they are needed.

Now that you know the manufacturing process, you will probably look them with different eyes. But do not forget it! Do not miss the respect and knowledge of their uses!


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