Be careful with flu medication: They affect your ability to drive!

We fear them as we are sometimes forced to deal with them. It’s about colds. They are usually with us in these cold days even though we do not want their ‘company’. To relieve their symptoms, we must take flu vaccines but we should be careful because these could affect us when driving a car.

Flu vaccines are a combination of several drugs or active ingredients. Although they do no cure colds and flu, they do relieve their characteristic symptoms. In addition, this medicine does not require a prescription because they are not reimbursed by the national health system, so we must pay it all, not just a part of it.

This treatment does not do with the cause of the disease, but it relieves their symptoms which can be very annoying and debilitating. In case we had flu, a vaccination is highly recommended.

Treatment with cold medications improves the patient’s symptoms, but we should try not to drive. If we take our car, we should be very cautious.. Some of the components of flu vaccines, such as H-1 antihistamines,  cough suppressants codeine and dihydrocodeine affect the ability to drive safely.

Some common cold or flu symptoms are the following:

  1. Runny nose and nasal obstruction
  2. Sneezing and tearing
  3. Headache, sore throat and painful ears, muscles and joints.
  4. Fatigue and weakness
  5. Fever (more common when having flu)
  6. Cough
  7. Bronchial mucus

The very process (cold or flu) and pharmaceutical preparations that are taken to control the symptoms can interfere with driving ability and it could enhance these side effects when they are taken together with alcohol.

So when you are taking medication to relieve your cold or flu symptoms, we recommend that you do not drink any alcohol and drive at the same time. 😉


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