Road Safety: How to be a good role model for your children

We do not always have this in mind. Our children take us as main reference to determine what is right and what is wrong in most situations of our daily routine.

One such aspect that they copy is our behavior in road safety. That is, they are fixed on us about how to sit in the car, to crossing the street, about how to travel by public transport or even in how to ride a bike.

Children are not independent until 6/7 years old. Therefore, it would be good to follow these little guidelines, to teach them in road safety. And is that, we do not always act properly.


  • Go always holding hands and child on the inside of the sidewalk.
  • To Cross only on the marked places, telling the child how to do it correctly.
  • •Explain to the child so that it assimilates better risk and consequence of not doing so following the signs.

In the car 

  • Show children that should always be seated in the rear seats. It is crucial to properly use safety belts and child restraints, if their age so requires.


  • To reason with them that they always carry reflective elements and helmet at all times they are circulating.
  •  Also, teach them to travel only to places that are intended for it (parks, bike path, etc.) and not let them circulate without our supervision on the road.

As you see it is not  difficult fulfill recommendations. However, if we implement them in our daily lives, we will save more than an unnecessary scare with our children as protagonists.


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