How to help a wounded in a traffic accident

When something bad happens to us, we all run for help almost instantly. However, when it happens to others, not always know how to reach out. Something similar is what happens on the road. And we all like to help us in the event that we suffer an accident, but don´t always know how to act when it happens to someone else. So much so, that sometimes, we prefer to stand aside before conditions worsen.

In any case, we don ´t  have to be real experts to act appropriately and to save even lives, since the first hour after the accident is vital.
Of course, before any succor the wounded, it is essential to alert and warn the 112 emergency services as they are the real experts in this type of situation. Meanwhile, it ´s important not to expose ourselves to danger and if necessary I could cause another accident. So, we immobilize our vehicle properly, use the reflective vest and not invade the road as far as possible.

Referring to the victims, the first thing to do is try to access to your location for the state you are in and reassure them. Until the arrival of the emergency services, we only perform actions that may save the life immediately. These actions include the wounded not lose heat, loosen fitting clothing from your airway plugging massive bleeding or unconscious attempt to awaken people.

In any case, as a general rule, we should not give water to the wounded,  medicate them, move them or try to get them out of the vehicle, unless absolutely necessary, as in case of fire. In this case, the shift has to be injured as if it were a rigid body, keeping always the shaft ally head-neck-trunk.

And it is so important is to try to help as trying to be a hero. Some lives may be at stake.


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