The new spanish’s road test shall enter into force on January 21st

The new driving practical exam, which includes a portion in which the examiner does not give any indication the student to see how it is handled on his own, will enter into force in Spain on 21 January, as reported by the National Confederation of Driving (CNAE, in spanish).

The test, which will measure for the first time also the efficient conduct of the driver, and was being done as a pilot in some traffic headquarters, but as of January 21, 2013 shall apply in all examination centers of the country. A new feature for the first 10 minutes of the test, there will be a test of “autonomous driving”, mandatory for all permits except classes A1 and A2 motorcycle-, in which the examiner’s instructions are limited to asking the student to start driving and will go to a particular place (if you know the location) or to start driving and flows freely. In this case, the examiner will give the candidate the “minimum information and essential, that provide guidance.”

CNAE has some examples of the signs with which a student can be found in the new test: “Go you to the City through the Stadium” or “take direction city center in response to the direction signs there” or “start driving and following the existing signage, go to …”. Furthermore, as an option, to reach a destination or itinerary, may follow the directions of any satellite navigation system. They are very common behavior in driving today, and frankly appropriate Any thoughts are reflected in examinations.

The rest of the test will remain guided driving as usual, with the examiner indicating which direction to take. Also continue to apply the current rating criteria, although, as a novelty at the time of the test comprehensively evaluate the performance of an “eco-driving”. Driving inefficiently will a misdemeanor.

The tests will last at least 25 minutes

The duration of the test as a whole shall be at least 25 minutes for permits A1, A2, B and BTP and 45 minutes for the remaining permits, except in classes AM and A for motorcycles and motorcyclists, which do not require test drive. As a general rule the minimum time will run out for each type of permit.

However, the examiner may terminate the test when committed a disqualifying fault that involves a real and concrete danger, when an intervention justified or when the teacher is credited to an apparent inability of the applicant, according to NACE. After completing the test, the examiner shall inform the applicant, in the presence only of the teacher, the result of the same, with a brief explanation, no more than a minute and a half or two minutes, and clear on the evaluation of the test, without going into discussion on this or that particular failure. Before starting the test each candidate will be asked to perform any verification or testing on a random basis of a number of elements of the vehicle, as the state level some of the fluids, pressure or tire tread, the operation of the windshield , etc. After this check, the applicant will sit in the driver’s seat the seatbelt buckle, graduate headrest and mirrors, as done so far.

All these developments are part of the changes made to the Regulations on Drivers, a result of the implementation of a European directive of 2006 and come into force on January 19. However, the weekend match, the changes will be applied from January 21.


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