LPG, an increasingly popular option

In Valverauto you can convert your vehicle to LPG.

Nowadays we can not only choose between diesel, gasoline, hybrid or an electric motor. In this broad overview a new option in now available: LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

At the moment this is minority option in our country, but it’s quite extended in Europe. But increasingly, workshops and official brands are catching up with this alternative in Spain.

Liquefied petroleum gas is a fuel that is consumed for years in our continent. Usually, its price is almost 50% lower than gasoline thanks to the big amount or surpluses and the low taxes the government applies to LPG.

The operation of LPG is based on collaboration with gasoline. So far it doesn’t work with diesel, but it is expected for the near future. We can find cars with LPG series or processed, but both work the same. Such vehicles are always started with the gasoline engine until the engine reaches the right temperature and gas and begins working. This usually takes about 5 miles, always depending on the ambient temperature (more heat less take to operate the LPG).

For riding we can choose between the two fuel thanks by the controls that are incorporated into the console of the vehicle. Also, if one of the two fuels finishes the other comes into operation automatically and reporting it on the display of your car. The change would be imperceptible as LPG only has a power loss of 5% compared to gasoline.

As a bonus, we must say that LPG vehicles benefit from PIVE Plan and, in theory, you should be subsidized by the transformation. The main point in favor of this is the fuel savings. Keep in mind that we can get discounts on petrol and tolls, and be exempt from tax. In addition, it should be noted that maintenance is cheaper than a diesel and less costly breakdowns.



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