Traffic jam in Barcelona…But fot the driving licence.

Barcelona driving school candidates are stucked in a traffic jam without having yet the driving licence: several student sufficient examiners have had to postpone the date of  the examination whereas there’s not examiner to cover the demand. ” In October they were 15 or 20 pupils for every cycle of examinations, but in December they have stayed up to 250 pupils without examining “, explain the federation of autoschools of Barcelona President, Maria Olivera.

Leandro is one of the affected candidate. He  had to go to the exam on December 9 and he did it last Friday. To Sergi already they delayed the theoretical one from July 29 to August 5, and with the practical one it  has turned him when the same thing happened. The complaint of Kevin, another aspirant, it’s common between driving ñicence affected: ” It’sa disaster. First they tell you one day and then another day and I cannot be asking for breaks in the work every week “. To Maria, the postpone of 10 days of the exam date has chanche her plans. ” I wanted to do the practical one before the university exams and the change makes that the other date will be during my university exam”, She explains

Driving schools are also affected. “You feel shame one you when you have to say to the pupil that the date of his exam has changed. Furthermore, the Traffic Headquarter warning you with only 48 hours of anticipation”, reports Sebastià Sanchez, the director of the autoschool Runner.

This delay is due to a new European directive, which fixes that every examiner can do 13 daily examinations instead of 16, and the reduction of personnel. In Barcelona it has passed from 68 examiners to 48. Provided that the falls are not covered by retirement, the capacity of examination of the Barcelonian headquarters has diminished 40 %. In spite of the fact that in general the demand of examinations has got down 26 %, the aspirants’ traditional recovery of December has aggravated the collapse.

The provincial chief of Traffic of Barcelona, Adrià Puigpelat, assures that the Administration has started putting remedy to this situation. The first one of the measures to stop the delays in the tests is the examiners’ arrival of reinforcement from next January 14. Puigpelat adds that this ” palliative measure ” will be of temporary and that the number of examiners. Moreover, during the next year, the Headquarter of Traffic (DGT) will realize training class to create more examiners’ places.

In Girona also similar problems have been registered. The president of the association of Gerona autoschools, Joan Sala, calculates that 250 pupils who had to examine between Thursday and last Friday will stop being appraised between2 and 3 on January. The step from 9 to 4 examiners in Lleida has done that autoschools and administration remind a new system of organization of the examinations that will come into force on January 1: of cycles of 5 days it(he,she) will pass to 7, and the groups will be redistributed. In Tarragona, from of July the examiners who were moving in bus up to Tortosa to realize tests, only do it once per week whereas before 3 or 4 times were doing it per week, depending on the number of pupils.


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